The Natural Instinct


The Natural Instinct continues to take you on Top of the world. Whether its the Blue Cascades and some times the Golden Kanchendzungha from Sikkim or the 1st SUN and the days ends up with a surprising illumination of a Hill Town in Shimla, Himachal , India.

The Himalayas unfolds all its mystery if there is a quest in you to explore.

It is when u open your eyes to feel the monsoon to touch you.

It is after the sun you may find the Moon to be your only companion. U may want to hold the only companion with stretched arms… it is your Natural Instinct…..


The World and its Nature is awaiting you to explore.

While we walk extra miles to explore , while we rise up with with the SUN and while we started as children.. its always the Nature that unfolded its Bounty.



  1. Excellent Amit. Amazing !!

    Could you please share your gallery which makes me to forward to my press & electronic media community ?


    Anirban Das


    1. Dear Anirban,

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Well that would be great if you can share my work to be media. But can you please elaborate on this which make me little more excited about it. There are other links in the page
      “Childrens of Other World” which may browse thru.

      Hope you would approve.


      Amit Saha
      Reach : 09830531101 /
      my site / blog :


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