Childrens of other world




The memory is to too much to bear,

Yet wanted to sleep with the faces

With the eyes without fear

Just a little food and clothes to wear

Those smiles are pure,

Faces blund yet bold

Insane urbanity has no one to see

Parents are far from to care

Still they survive as GOD’s gift to bear ……..

Since I returned from Bangriposhi, whenever at night I close my eyes I see those small faces , those smiles that asks thousands of questions and those eyes that are bright yet cold, that are glittering yet dense and curious.

Yes !!! they possess the smile that I cannot see all time in the face of my daughter  who by birth has the rights to enjoy all the pleasure of this material world. Has always her parents by her side. But Shibu Soren ( name as an example) along with his 84 classmates spend nights under the tree , reads under the tree and shares clothes even at times. Yet they smile, yet they can read  write and talk in english with you.

Standing amidst a lush green forest surrounded by huge trees , the place has once been used by Kings to stay on Wild Hunting. Later in Independent INDIA, Prafulla Kumar Nayek has been a Forest Department Guard at KANCHINDA Forest area. The only house termed as Bunglow once used to be under forest department but now an age old damaged one roof shelter. Forest department deserted the place as of no importance, Sri Nayek continued to stay here post retirement. He used to love and teach childrens, decided to devote his life towards the cause presenting freedom from the curse of Poverty and uneducated.  He gradually gathered 85 childrens from most backward tribal families of surrounding villages. Perhaps he felt,  if these childrence stayed back at their villages they would all be lost to nowhere. Thus the KACHINDA SIKHA ASHRAM a boarding school was born for them at his own cost with his small amount of Pension. He teaches them feeds them and send them to nearby Primary schools so that they get a dress , a day meal and an education certificate at the end.

I experienced the morning prayer so disciplined and bare footed , so dedicated and enchanting , the sounds of pure souls hammered me questioning my Urbanity that what on earth could happen when winter comes or when it rains.  If by chance tears come out from any these glittering eyes that gets washed away not noticed. When Nayek showed me the kitchen inside a smalled thatched shed , I was dumbstuck to see the proportion of the size Rice Handi and the Sabzi Handi.  It would only be the smell of the side dish along with the rice and not even the taste. I am helpless wanted to extend some monetary help but most that is required is clothes for these children as Nayek said.

On return I promised not to forget as just a story rather to give it a try. In our country there may be thousands and such horizons of poverty all over.  But having a chance to extend our  arms for help would surely make you feel complete. I am sure that we all have the mind but we do not have the space amd place to see. We need clothes ……..

Informtion :

Children Age Group :  7 – 15

Urge : Not exactly money , but we may be having older clothes of our children or can collect some.

Place : Bangriposhi , Odisha.

Just 12 kms for KHAIRI RESORT on NH6,  Bangriposhi is located 100 kms from Balasore Odisha.

Amit Saha

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